Banner Exchange
Here you will find banners linking to other private home pages.  Each site is good in its own way and most have guest books ready for the signing *hint, hint*.  If you want me to include your banner here all I ask is that you include my banner on your site somewhere.  Send me your sites URL and the banner details be it a picture or HTML code.  This section is pretty new so it doesn't have many banners as yet but it is slowly growing as people send banners in for inclusion.   Feel free to include my banner on your site you will find it at the bottom of this page.

This could be your banner
Why not include your banner here?
Generally if you include my banner on your site I will be happy to include yours here but contact me anyway if your site is for a good cause I will gladly place a banner here.

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Earthen's Banner
Simply copy the image then put it on your web page and link it to
or use the following HTML code.
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Simply copy the code and paste in on your web site.

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