Creating a web page is a relatively easy task and you can probably create a basic page pretty quickly even without fully understanding any computer lingo at all.  First of all web pages are written in various languages the most common being HTML and JAVA.  It is relatively easy to get html codes from the internet including the link I have included here.  This link will provide you with access to more than enough reading about html and java to get you started and also some more advanced topics.
The easiest way to create a web page is to use a web editor.  There are numerous type and brands around but in general web editors are similar to word processors only with web page related commands.  To get a web editor go to and download the trial version.  Netscape also has a very good Page Composer feature.
If you have Netscape Communicator click on the Communicator menu at the top of the screen and select Page Composer.  Then start creating your page using the different fonts etc.  The icon menu's are easy to use and once you play around a bit you can learn them pretty quick.
To include a link just click on the link icon and fill out the text and then the link details including the http://www  bit or the file name etc.  To insert a picture click on the image icon and put in the file name and then click on the picture and reissue it.
Once your happy with your page save it and remember the name of the file.  You might want to create a new folder in Windows Explorer to put your web page files in for easy finding.  Then you have to publish the page onto a web site.  Your service provider may give you web space for this use or you can go to or or some similar site that gives free web space for non business activities.  Then create an account and follow the instructions.
Now you have to upload your page and any files you have linked or images etc.  If your using Netscape you can upload directly (usually) or you will have to use an ftp and transfer the files that way.  Sounds harder than it actually is.  Just follow the instruction of whatever web space provider your using each one is a bit different but you will learn it quick enough.  Don't be afraid of doing something wrong because you will always have the file in your computers memory so you can't loose it doing this.  Just remember once you upload the file anyone can access it if they know the name of where it is.  Also remember to upload all images and files that are included in your page.  Check the links and the name of the uploaded files are the same including casing.  If not rename the files or change the links.
Then once your page is uploaded you have a web site.  Your web space provider will tell you the URL of your files and your page.  Anyone going to that URL will see your page.  You can later delete it or change its name if you like.
This sounds quite complicated but it isn't that hard to do.  Basically you create the page, upload it, upload any related files and record the URL for future reference. I mean if I can do it anyone can *smile* .

This page is still under construction and will look very different in the future.

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