Here you will find a variety of herbal information.  Simply scroll through or use the Quick Find and enjoy the site.  There is a search feature in which you can search the entire site for anything you like and if it finds anything matching it will let you know where it is.  There is also a herbal forum for discussion of various herbal issues.  Just be aware that I am not a natropath or doctor nor do I claim to be either so any advice or ideas on this site should be used as a guide only.  You should always consult your doctor if you plan to use herbs for medicinal uses.  Don't think herbs are 100% harmless if misused though the ones I use in my cooking etc are generally harmless (unless you take an excessive amount of course).  I use herbs mostly for flavouring so I can freely talk about that.  I hope you find this site enjoyable, once again feel free to contact me with any comments and or problems you may have.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site...
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My favourite herbs
I have always liked herbs and have been using them for many years now.  I mainly use them in cooking and herbal teas but herbs can be used in a variety of ways.  I grew up to 80 varieties at one stage before I moved around a bit and unfortunately lost the ability to have a garden.  I still grow a few in pots on the balcony etc but nothing will ever replace the garden I once had.
All herbs have a use and each one is good in its own unique way I do however have my favourites.  My favourite herbs for making teas are definately Chamomile, Jasmine, Mint, Lemon Balm and Lemon Grass.  My favourites for flavouring are Tarragon and Basil although I use many others on a regular basis as well.  Basically I use herbs for flavouring but I am also aware of the various aromatic qualities in some herbs.  Some of these qualities can be used to help in ailments particularly colds. I find pennyroyal and Menthol Mint (a mint that smells like menthol) to be helpful against colds.  Mind you I still take mainstream medicine if needed but herb can assist your bodies natural healing abilities.
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Herbal links
Here a a few good links to other herb related sites on the internet that are good to visit.  Just be sure to bookmark or add this site to your favourites so you can get back here easily when your finished visiting each site.  If you know any good sites let me know and I will check the site and consider linking it to here.  Thank you and enjoy the links.
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Herbal Forum
Want to debate herbal issues, make a comment, or start a discussion.  Then use this forum feel free to post messages on any topic you like.  While this is a herb related site the forum can also be used for general discussion.
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Alphabetical listing of herbs
This is a description of each herb using an alphabetical listing.  Simply click on the link to be taken to the relevant site then click on the HERBS link to get back here.  If you are looking for any herbs not on my list please let me know its name and a few details about it so I can add it in the future.  Also this site is pretty new and I am still building it.  This section will be dramatically improved over time.
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