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Welcome to Earthen's Web a place where you can find things such as good internet links, advice, programming tips and lots more.  I am always working on improving this site as as time goes on I will be adding more material to this site.  Any opinions, ideas or comments you have about this site are most welcome and don't forget to sign my guest book before you leave.  Thanks for visiting.

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All manner of Linux information can be found here including how to use Linux and good internet resources.
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A great search engine and contents type listing of hundreds of different web links that I discover as I surf around the internet.  You may also submit links to be included here.
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Police Shut Down Lyrics Web Site
The Swiss web site known as the International Lyric Server ( has been shut down by point of law for breach of copyright.  This site makes available lyrics to over 100 000 songs and show themes from all over the world.  Not only is the site being called to be shut down (if it isn't already) but there is a law suit over the whole matter.  Some people think this is a shame as the owners and managers of the ILS web site claim the site was intended as some what more a conversational site rather than anything designed to cause harm to any musician or the music industry.  So all you web masters take note of this no matter how good intentioned your site is always abide by copyright laws and if you don't have permission don't use it.  Personally I think there is alot more to this issue than meets the eye and this may merely be the end of a very long trail.
Intel Takes Sides With Red Hat
Yes that is right Intel is joining sides with Red Hat.  Now before you jump up and down screaming bye bye to freedom Intel is actually doing some very good work and promoting Linux in a relatively free manner.  There are rumuors that other companies such as IBM may soon join teams with one or another Linux suppliers to help promote the product and also to build a good base behind Linux.  Some people say they are doing this only so they may charge for Linux products later down the track.  However I feel it may work the other way around the general community will never let Linux become a commercial product nor would they tolerate anyone who tries to take it over.  Linux is built up and designed by everyone who uses it and all the work behind it goes on with little or no return other than more Linux resources.  The free spirit behind Linux is what makes Linux so popular as the user knows they are also a player in the evolution of the product.  I see a very bright future here especially now that some very prominant names in the industry are finally agreeing with what Linux users have known for ages Linux equals freedom of both developement and use.
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My View (of the Month)

My opinion on a computer (or technology) related topic. A different comment will be posted here every month or so.
My View

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Top Site of the Month
Bravenet will provide all the resources you need to add to your web site.  They provide a forum, guest book, mailing list, page counter and lots more all free of charge.  Just register and its all yours.  The services provided here are top of the line including personalisation of your guest book, forum and other material they provide to you.  The services also operate very well with good speed and efficiency no delays when you use the services it is virtually instantaneous.  I stumbled onto bravenet one night from a link on a friends web site and was impressed enough to now use bravenet as my prime provider of web site resources.  Check out the features on this site (the guest book, forum etc.) they are all provided by bravenet and you can personalise them to your own tastes.
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Protect Yourself Online
Protect Yourself Online
When ever you connect to a network or the internet (just a big network really) you are at risk of other users on the same network hacking your machine, denial of service attack and more this section is devoted to helping you find resources and methods to help protect yourself and your privacy from the prying eyes of hackers. Mind you hacking is pretty rare but you should have some kind of protection this section will help you get protected while on line.
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This section allows you to participate in a questionaire. This questionaire is designed to get a general idea of internet usage and the questions are all optional and your responses will only be used to give a general idea how people use the internet (it is an interesting thing to do).

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