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I have included alot of  handy links for downloading free programs off the net and also some links to good sites.  All these sites have been trialed and found to work and also be useful.  Scroll through and check them out.  If you know a good site that you feel should be linked here let me know in an email.  Also if you have any problems with any links please let me know so I can fix the problem.

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Click on the link and be taken straight to the relevant section then click on the Quick Find (lower left corner of each section) link to get back to this section.  This will save alot of scrolling around and make your visit easier and more convenient.
 Good Eating (Recipes and Food related links)
 Free Web Space
 Get Yourself a Free Email Addy
 Search Engines
 Other Good Home Pages
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The Winzip program allows you to zip up programs saving you disk space.  You need to unzip the file before use but it is worth the effort.  Here you can purchase the full version or download the trial version for free.
Pow Wow is a similar type of communications program to ICQ but with more features and designed differently.  Pow Wow also allows you to send sound easily.  Worth checking out.
 Pow Wow
NETSCAPE the full communicator or just the navigator version can be downloaded from here.  Mind you the full communicator version is about 15 megs so it may take a while to download.
 For a few good trial versions of web editors and java design programs checkout this site the trial versions are free and quite good to use.
mIRC is a good program to enable you to use IRC with some good extra features.  IRC is one of the largest chatting arenas on the internet today with hundreds of channels and thousands of users.  To download the trial version of mIRC click on the link below and follow the instructions.
All the microsoft news and extras can be obtained from here including the new improved IE4 and lots of patches etc.  Also tips on modifying IE4 and how to use it efficiently.
For ICQ a communications program that allows you to see who is on line, message people, send files to each other and many other handy things.
For a free parachat chat room similar to the one I have on this page go to Parachat and fill in the registration form.  They will email you the code that is valid for your site.
More to come in the future.  I am adding more links over time.

Good Eating
Here are some very good sites for getting all manner of recipes and cooking ideas.  Anything from health food to quick and easy five minute meals.  All manner of styles and types of food preperation.
All mannner of food related recipes and media including a chat forum
 Culinary Cybercity
A vegetarian recipe site lots of things here as well as good recipes and a few laughs
 The Crazy Vegetarian
A healthy food site promoting organically grown foods and good health.
 Good Stuff
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Want Free Web Space?
There are many places that will give free web space to non business orientated activities.  You can get a certain amount of free web space and buy more if you need it but tripod gives 11 megs of space more than enough to create a good site.
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Want An email Addy?
Do you want a free email addy.  Maybe your sharing your computer with someone else and want your own individual email service or maybe you just want another email.  All these links give you email services providing you don't misuse it (spamming etc. not allowed) then you can have the service for as long as you like.
 Mail Excite
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Search Engines
Search engines are different databases containing web related sites and information on a wide range of topics.  There are hundreds of different search engines around and you can usually get access to some by clicking on you browsers search icon or similar.  I have also included a few handy links here.  I haven't tried some of these out other than that the links work so I can't really offer my opinion of them.  Anyway try them out and maybe let me know your thoughts of them.
metacrawler is a search engine that uses several different search engines in a single search.  This means a much higher coverage than trying individual single search engines.
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Communicating Via the Net
The internet is a great way to communicate with your friends and even conduct business on the net.  The introduction of internet communication products has reduced the cost and often made it easier for people ro communcate around the world.  There are a variety of different communication programs and tools available for keeping in touch with people on the net.  Some of them include conferencing, video, file transfer and many other handy functions.   I have included some good links here.  There are hundreds more out there if you look around but these ones should be a good start to get you well in touch with your buddies.  Again if you know any more good links let me know and I'll check them out and possibly include them here.  Otherwise enjoy the links already here.
 Cu See Me and Meeting Point
 Pow Wow
 Honey Q
 Netscape Cooltalk
 Microsoft Netmeeting
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Other Home Good Home Sites/Pages
Here is a collection of other home pages that people have allowed me to link to this site.  Actually I only have one at the moment but if you want to add you link here email me the URL and a brief description of the site and I will consider adding a link here.  Otherwise enjoy the links that may be already here.  Just remember to bookmark this site first so you can get back here when your done.
 Jen's Palace
This is a good site with a new age wiccan theme to it.  This site is well designed and has lots of information to check out.  Having won numerous awards it is well worth a visit.  Why not check it out and sign the guest book (hint, hint).
    Jen's Palace
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