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Microsoft isn't necessarily interested only in the dollar

It seems everyone has a different view about Microsoft these days ranging from idle curiosity to blacklist of Microsoft products.  Well to be honest Microsoft in my view brings a lot of the bad publicity onto itself releasing buggy products way behind schedule that seem to invade and cause havoc in any computer system.  However despite public opinion and some negative stigma I feel Microsoft has actually helped the computer industry move along quite a lot over time.
If it wasn't for the user friendly interface and ease of operation that Windows provides computers would still be the realms of programmers and guru's.
Lets face it despite the bugs and despite the cost (which in my opinion is way to high) Windows provides a universal user friendly environment that usually works quite well.
I feel Microsoft started out with good intentions of bringing technology to everyone in a way that is both practical and easy to use but they have quickly become the money hungry business machine that we see today.
It appears that shareholders and the bottom line are sometimes more important than quality in recent times.  Windows 98 was released late and absolutely full of bugs simply to satisfy the need for an updated product and to increase profits for Microsoft I for one have not upgraded and frankly I don't look like doing so anytime soon.
However I do feel that some good has come of Microsoft have, in my opinion, more than any other company helped bring the computer technology to an understandable level and within reach of the lay person that often has no idea how a product works but has found a use for a computer related product in their life.
Many of the worlds best programmers started out using Windows and may or may not still use Windows in there work.  Next time you hear some one bagging Microsoft remember to look for the good they have done and how they helped transform computer from simple command prompts into fully interactive and user friendly visual interfaces.
The competitive push of Microsoft to increase profits has in effect made computer technology very much a part of every day life and often in a very user friendly manner.
Microsoft may be a money driven company but it also helps push the envelope of innovation forcing new product through the pipe line and onto the market.  This creates new products that often inspire new thinking and create new more unique markets.


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