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Welcome to my poetry site.  I have included a lot of little poems I have written.  Read them and see if you like them, hate them or simply don't care (hehehe).  I admit my poems are not the best ones ever written.  If you think you can write better ones feel free to email them too me and I will include them here.  Just include the authors name (can be a nickname if you like) and the title.  Other literature such as short stories etc. are welcome.  Otherwise enjoy what is already here and feel free to email your comments if you want.  J

Thinking of you today
As I go along my way
Friends are there for life
No matter the strife
They see things through
And care for you
Always there every day
Ready to chase the blues away
The stars above shine down so bright
As I ponder what is now out of sight
I see that which once was go
Where it went I do not know
Now at long here I stand
Looking out across fates hand
I look up at the diamonds above
Having felt the hand of love
I know now it is best to loose you heart
For even though it may be torn apart
It is best to have passed as ships in the night
Than to have never have felt loves might
This is said by many done by few
Yet it is a very simple thing to do
To be all you can is all in life
Be yourself no matter the strife
Do not stray from that within
To be who you are is no sin
But still it be said to the
That in order to be free
To know love that is true
First learn to love you
Learn of how to gain wealth
Also learn of good health
But most of all as you go
Always seeking to grow
Learn the thing that hides in stealth
Learn of that which is yourself
Words I Say
Some have come today to read the word I say
They seek a little insight here today
Who I am and what for I stand
A glimpse at what I have from fates hand
The seek a truth in my every word
I only ask that the truth be heard
For these words are but only a part
Of my entire and much broader heart
These words though true are only one way
To express my feelings as I go along my way
The Night
At long last I am free from the night
A strange thing has shown me the light
I tell not a soul of what I saw but know
That it makes me feel peace and grow
The product of truth and devine
Came along and set all things fine
To be all I can was what was told
A simple truth I now hold
This until now so hidden from sight
Just believe in your self and all is right
I am thinking alot tonight
As I sit under the stars so bright
All the changes in my life
Through all of the strife
Many a time I did stray
Many beliefs I found along the way
Many offered me eternity in paradise
Others offered money, wealth and all things nice
I had many friends help me through it all
Then ultimately raise me from my fall
I know not what or how I decided what to do
I only know I had to follow that which was true
I found the true love and brightest light
Just sitting here under a starry night

"You can't destroy the walls of Troy by means of force, your better to use a wooden horse"
not sure who wrote this but I heard it somewhere (I read about the Trojan War in high school)  and kind of liked it.
"We learn alot in life as we go.  But know nothing until we know ourselves."  by ~V~
"To set something free is to test its love.  When it returns to you then you know it loves you too."   (not sure of who wrote this or the exact wording but the meaning has stuck with me)

"It takes less muscles to smile than to frown.  So save energy, be environmentally friendly  *smile* and help save the planet "~V~

Weird Stories

A guy was driving along on a mountain road and a woman was driving the other way.  As they passed each other the woman yells out to the guy "PIG!!!".  The guy is stunned and replies "Shut up you stupid ^&*^!!!" (use your imagination).  The guy turns a corner in the road and hits a pig on the road.
(I don't know who started this joke but its here anyway)

These three guys are stranded on a deserted island with the bare minimum of luxuries.  One day a bottle washes up on the shore and one of the guys finds it and runs back to the others shouting "I found a Genee (hmmm how do you spell that word).  He opens the bottle and a Genee pops out saying they have three wishes.  Being fair they decide to take one wish each.  The first man wishes to be home with his friends.  The Genee shrugs and send him home to his friends.  The second guy thinks this is great so he wishes for a million dollars and a trip home.  Once again the wish is granted.  The last guy (not to bright) walks up to the Genee and frowns saying "You know it is gonna get pretty lonely around here with out my friends here.  I wish my friends were here with me."

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