Protect Yourself Online

This section will contain more information about how to protect your computer against hacking, service attacks and other undesirable internet (and network) activities.

I recommend going to  Signal9 and downloading the firewall.  This program will stop alot of internet related hacking and service attacks.

Another good program to download is Nuke Nabber which is widely available on the internet including from  WinFiles .  When you download Nuke Nabber and install it you may want to go into options and add a few ports to block simply select blank unused ports and block port 12345 type tcp, 12346 type tcp and 31337 type udp.  These are default port for netbus and Back Orifice two programs used to obtain full access to computers that are infected with their related clients.  While this won't stop all attacks it will at least make it harder to do.